How To Treat Cellulite: 3 Simple Tricks From Home

how to treat celluliteFact: Losing weight does not always mean you’ll see your cellulite disappear as well!

Unfortunately I’ve spoken to a lot of girls who seem to think that diet and exercise are the only way to get rid of cellulite.

Instead I’m going to show you how to treat cellulite, from home, and by using 3 little known tricks that literally ANYONE can do.

But firstly let’s talk about what cellulite actually is…

No Really, What Is Cellulite?

Before you answer with something like “cellulite is when you get, like, really fat”, let me stop you. More than 90% of women will at some point in their lives see some form of cellulite appear on their bodies – usually around the butt region (I know, it sucks!).

Although excess weight can play a part, it’s normally due to either hormonal changes OR too many toxins in your body.

Cellulite occurs when the normally thin layer of fat just below your skin, rapidly expands with fluid. In fact, a single fat cell can expand up to 1000 times it’s normal size!

What then happens the newly expanded fat then starts to protrude through the elastic-like strands of connective tissue, giving cellulite that much hated, cottage cheese look.

As a more simple analogy, try to think of it like a water balloon surrounded by rubber bands. The water will push through the bands, giving it a similar look to that of cellulite.

Alright enough with the science talk! Let’s take a look at these 3 at home cellulite treatment tricks you can use to cutout the cottage cheese look…

Cellulite Tip #3: Change To Sea Salt

Did you know that the major reason why most women get cellulite is because of too much table salt?

Seriously it’s true.

Most processed salt is extremely acidic, meaning that over time it will add to the level of toxins in your body. It also severely dehydrates your skin leading to an even faster onset of problematic skin conditions like, you guessed it, cellulite.

Instead, try making the switch to sea salt, which is will help to do the opposite by making your body more alkaline. A more alkaline body is a more stable body and one which is able to more rapidly remove the toxins from your body. The kind of toxins that leads to the cottage cheese.

Of course any dietary change takes time to play out. For a more rapid treatment method, try this…

Cellulite Tip #2: Scrub-A-Dub Dub

Okay so we know that the main reason why cellulite occurs is due to high toxin levels in your body. We also know that the majority of these toxins exist directly below your skin.

Therefore the most obvious thing to try would be to go directly to the source and we do this by scrubbing the affected areas using a dry brush with thin bristles.

By scrubbing with a dry brush, you immediately loosen up the dormant toxins in your skin that are causing all the problems. Once loosened, your body is then able to remove them naturally through the liver.

The issue for most women however is that a dry brush just doesn’t quite cut it. At least compared to the final cellulite treatment at home…

Cellulite Tip #1: Lean, Mean Cellulite Cream

Now the previous two tips will make a difference. However if you’re looking to find out how to treat cellulite within a short period of time, then you need to think about using a cream.

This is how they normally work:

  • They help to boost your bodies metabolism, burning unnecessary fat cells faster
  • They enhance blood circulation, helping to remove more toxins from your body faster
  • They eliminate unwanted fluid retention that would normally go towards expanding fat cells
  • They directly fight cellulite causing “free radicals”
  • And a bunch of other things as well

Here’s the thing. Some cellulite creams are better than others and here are the ones you SHOULD NOT buy:

  • Revitol cellulite cream (this product is a bit of a scam and the customer reviews reflect just that)
  • Slim Extreme 3d (only focuses on burning fat cells instead of the root causes)
  • 3d Cellulight (again this one has really terrible reviews)

There are more missing from that list, however those are the main 3 that do not work.

What Does Work?

In you’re looking for cellulite treatments that work and work well, you can’t go past using the day & night cream called Finulite in combination with their massage mitt.

It is by far the best anti cellulite cream on the market.

The reviews on this product are insane, so you can rest assured that is does in fact work. If you want to read more about Finulite just click the link below to go to the official site…

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